About Tongali Project


Tongali : Tokai Network for Global Leading Innovators

In Nagoya University, in order to produced a leader to challenge the aggressive commercialization from this earth, we will conduct student, graduate student, entrepreneurship education to target the graduates to “Tongali project”. Tongali project, from research seeds (ideas emergent) to entrepreneurs (EXIT), elementary has become a step-by-step to learn the system from, also, to welcome the people with actual entrepreneurial experience as a mentor, entrepreneur for has taken a system that can receive direct guidance.

 Tongali features of the project, actively not only only on the education of a leader to challenge the commercialization (= Tongali human resources), located in the place where also continuously support to entrepreneurs. Tongali companies it is possible to use a part of the Nagoya University of resources.

In Nagoya University, through this project, Nagoya, activation of the Tokai district of the industry, will contribute to the creation of employment, we are working to build a global innovation ecosystem.

  • Entrepreneurship for membership education, create an education system step by step to learn from elementary.
  • Entrepreneurship from research seeds (ideas), to build a training and support system that can gulp through transmural until EXIT.

Tongali project

On the basis of the Nagoya University of resources, students, graduate students, as well as implement entrepreneurship education that targets graduates, Nagoya University of new projects to support the expansion and creation of university ventures. In order to create a global innovation eco-system from the region, Nagoya University aims to base for entrepreneurship throughout this project.

Tongali human resources

Tongari learned in projects, aggressively challenge to human resources. Candidate of the future of entrepreneurial innovation leader.

Tongali companies

Tongali university venture that entrepreneurs in the project. Pointy companies, university facilities and funds, the personal connections can be utilized.